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New & Used Bass Amplifiers
Last Updated: 10/01/2023
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Jammin' Jersey has your next amp. We carry a large selection of used gear from the top names in guitar and bass amplifiers, including Ampeg, Fender, Hiwatt, Marshall, vintage tuck-n-roll Kustom, Peavey, Traynor, etc., etc. If you don't see what you need listed here, call us, we have mountains of amps in stock for you.

New & Used Bass Amplifiers

All of Jammin' Jersey's previously-owned amps and cabinets are thoroughly inspected and tested to meet our rigorous quality control standards. Everything has been done to ensure the quality of your used gear purchase. Buy with confidence and save big!

New & Used Bass Amps Combos, Heads, Cabinets, Preamps
  Make Model & Description Jammin'
Order #
  Ampeg Emblem/Logo/Nameplate - 1985 plastic model removed from SVT 8x10 cabinet measures 3 1/4" wide x 4" tall. Silver paint shows moderate wear, otherwise very good condition. ABU009986 $40.00 (1 only)
  Carvin Emblem/Logo/Nameplates - 90's white color plastic models measure 7 1/2" x 1 1/2". Near new condition. 6 available. ABU009900 $30.00 each
  Carvin V 410T 400 Watt 4 x 10" & Tweeter Bass Cabinet - Late 90's 8 ohm model features Eminence speakers, Foster bullet tweeter, full size steel grill, grey carpet covering, quality plywood construction. This cabinet is in super clean near new condition and sounds excellent. ABU006011 $400.00
  Crate B 160XL Transistor 160 Watt Combo Bass Amp - Stock 1991 model made in USA. Features built in 15" Eminence speaker, 7 band graphic EQ, chorus, balanced XLR line out, grey color carpet covering, steel grill, removeable casters. This amp has had light use, works 100% with no issues, sounds excellent, and is in super clean condition. ABU008798 $200.00
  Crate BX 160 Transistor 160 Watt Combo Bass Amp - 1994 model made in USA. Features built in burly 15" speaker, 7 band graphic EQ, chorus, balanced XLR line out, black carpet covering, steel grill. This amp works 100% with no issues, sounds excellent, and looks very, very good (light carpet wear). ABU007839 $200.00
  Fender 1969 Bassman 50 Watt Tube Head With Matching Fender 2 x 15" Speaker Cabinet - Stock 50 watt 1969 head features 2 independent channels, AB 165 circuit, "drip edge" molding, original Fender and RCA tubes. Matching 4 ohm 2x15" Fender cabinet features the origiand matching grill cloth. This set sounds great for guitar or bass, works 100% with no issues, and is in super clean near mint condition. ABU112 $2,500.00 set
  Hartke HA 2500 Transistor 250 Watt Bass Head - Late 90's model made in China. Features built in compressor, 10 band graphic EQ, low pass & high pass contour controls. Tips of 3 EQ shafts & compressor pot shaft are broken off & missing, otherwise this amp looks very good and sounds excellent. ABU008470 $200.00
  Kustom Black Tuck & Roll 2 x 15" Cabinet - 4 ohm early 70's Kustom Electronics "shallow" model. Stock except for newer heavy duty casters and newer square magnet Eminence speakers. Tuck & roll covering is super shiny and is in near perfect condition; grill has a minor stain on bottom but is otherwise in near perfect condition. This cabinet looks and sounds great! ABU008815 $600.00
  Kustom Emblem/Logo/Nameplate - Later 70's silver & black color diecast "script" nameplate installed on black tolex covered cabinets. Irregular shape measures 6" wide x 2" tall. Near new condition. ABU009538 $40.00 (1 only)
NEW! Kustom KBA 100X Transistor 100 Watt Combo Bass Amp - Discontinued model made in China. This fine sounding bass amp is portable, not too heavy, and features 100 watts, built in 15" Celestion speaker, 6 band EQ, digital effects, XLR & 1/4" outputs. Display model shows light handling wear. List price $660. NEW! NEW! NEW! ABU004376 $299.95
NEW! Laney Richter RB7 300 Watt Transistor Combo Bass Amp - Compact made in China model features 300 watts, 4 band EQ, built in limiter, 2 heavy duty 10" speakers & tweeter. tilt back design with 3 handles, black carpet covering & steel grill. List price $879. NEW! NEW! NEW! ABU010389 $499.95
  Peavey 115 BX 15" Black Widow Loaded Bass Cabinet - 90's 300 watt 8 ohm model measures 24" wide x 27" tall x 17" deep and features plywood construction, black carpet covering, full size steel grill, original Black Widow speaker. This cabinet has had very little use, sounds great, and is in super clean near new condition. ABU010073 $350.00
  Peavey Emblem/Logo/Nameplates - 70's & 80's metal full size "lightning bolt" models in excellent condition. 8 available. ABU009500 $30.00 each
  Peavey TNT 160 Watt Combo Bass Amplifier - 1996 transistor model made in USA. Features heavy duty 15" speaker, 7 band graphic EQ, chorus, effects loop, built in compressor, casters. Looks and sounds excellent. ABU010482 $250.00
  Polytone Mini Brute Single 15" Bass Cabinets - Compact (21"wide x 18"tall x 12"deep) grey carpeted cabinets feature newer 8 ohm 400 watt Eminence speakers and foam grills. These cabinets are very lightweight (28 pounds), look excellent, and sound great. 2 available. ABU005821 $250.00 each
  Randall 2 x 15" 800 Watt Bass Cabinet - Mid 90's 4 ohm model features grey carpet covering, large port, metal handles, casters, and newer Eminence 400 watt speakers. Looks & sounds excellent. ABU003837 $500.00
  Randall RB 2000 Biamp Bass Head - Rack-mount (three spaces). 375 watts into the bottom, 135 watts into the top. Built-in crossover. It plays loud and clear! ABU121 $300.00
  Sonic 2 x 15" 800 Watt Bass Cabinet - 4 ohm 90's model features near new 400 watt Eminence speakers, plywood construction, grey carpet covering, full size steel grill, large cup handles, casters. This cabinet is in super clean like new condition and sounds great! ABU009980 $400.00
  Sunn Emblem/Logo/Nameplates - 80's plastic models measure 7 1/8' x 1 5/8" and feature black color background, silver color SUNN letters, and red color "soundwaves". Outstanding condition. 6 available. ABU009501 $40.00 each
  Trace Elliot 4 x 10" 300 Watt Bass Cabinet - Late 80's/early 90's model made in England. Features top quality plywood construction, full size steel grill, charcoal color vinyl covering. This cabinet looks and sounds excellent. ABU005600 $300.00

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All prices are in U.S. Dollars. This list was correct and items available in stock at time of posting, of course all listings are subject to prior sale, since most items are one-of-a-kind and our inventory changes every day. We update our online listings frequently. See the   How To Order  page for our policies and everything you ever wanted to know about getting your musical needs fulfilled by Jammin' Jersey.



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