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Last Updated: 12/08/2023
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Jammin' Jersey LOVES Drums! We have the biggest, baddest drum department in Southern California, with a constantly-changing inventory of New and Used drums and accessories. Only part of our inventory is currently posted online, stay tuned, we'll be adding lots more soon. We've got tons of kits not listed here, including quality used outfits from Ludwig, Gretsch, Rogers, Slingerland, Pearl, Tama, DW, Darwin, Sonor and Yamaha. Call Jammin' Jersey for all your drumming needs!

Used drums are disassembled and detailed with the utmost of care, then painstakingly reassembled and re-headed with careful attention to all details. Call us and we will provide you with a complete description of the particular drums you are interested in. Drum prices do not include cases, however, we have a huge selection of new Humes & Berg Cases in stock at discounted prices. Snares not included unless specifically mentioned.

Drum Sets: A-L
  Make Model & Description Jammin'
Order #
  Custom Made Black Agate (Leopard Skin) Wrap Drum Set - 24x24 cannon bass drum, 16x18, 16x16, 10x14. This lounge-lizard-on-steroids set was custom made for a famous heavy metal drummer, and is in mint condition. Drums have top-quality maple shells and Tama Superstar hardware. This kit is very unique and sounds huge!! Trades considered. DKU276 $1,000.00
  Gretsch Brown Lacquer Finish Drum Set - 14x24; 16x16; 9x13. This reversible square badge drumset was professionally refinished with dark brown satin lacquer finish and looks great! Stock except for recent finish. Features silver/black/white ID stickers, thick "slide in" spurs, heavy duty post style tom mount, near new Evans tom heads & Aquarian bass drum batter head, Greatch logo resonant bass drum head. This drumset looks and sounds great!!! professionally refinished $1,500.00
  Gretsch Polar Ice Wrap Drum Set - 14x20, 14x14, 8x12, 8x10. This 70's drumset was professionally rewrapped and restored. Wrap is near perfect...the color is like white marine pearl, with a subtle irridescence. Chrome is near perfect. Interiors of shells were repainted silver/grey, and are in excellent condition. 10" and 12" toms have RIMS mounts and mount on bass drum with Pearl style mount. New Remo heads. DKU281 $2,000.00
  Gretsch Silver Sparkle Wrap Drum Set - 14x24; 16x16; 10x14; 9x13. This 70's stop sign badge drumset was professionally rewrapped and meticulously restored. Wrap and chrome are near perfect. Interior of shells were repainted silver/grey. All bearing edges were recut and trued. Bass drum and mounted toms have Pearl style mounts, otherwise this set is stock. New Remo heads. DKU284 $2,000.00
  Gretsch Wine Red Wrap Blackhawk Drum Set - 16x22, 16x16, 11x13, 10x12. Late 80's import model. Very similar lugs and construction to Tama Imperial Star model. Excellent chrome, wrap, and shells. DKU261 $500.00
NEW! Ludwig Clear Vistalite Drum Set - 16x22, 16x16, 9x13, 8x12. This limited production set features small size Classic lugs, 70's style blue/olive badges, heavy duty tom pole, modern heavy duty fold up spurs, and silver sparkle strips on bass drum hoops! Nothing has the visual impact of a brand new VistaLite! Stands & snare drum not included; matching 5x14 snare drum available separately. NEW! NEW! NEW! DKU296 $2,495.00
  Ludwig Fire Engine Red Wrap Drum Set - 14x22, 16x16, 9x13, 8x12. This 1970s Blue/Olive badge model features large size classic lugs, thick maple shells, thick slide in spurs on bass drum, and new Remo heads. This super clean drum set has excellent chrome, wrap, and shells. DKU002340 $1,600.00
  Ludwig Fire Engine Red Wrap Rocker Drum Set #1 - 14x22, 15x16, 12x15, 9x13. This 1980s USA Rocker model features black & white color badges. The 13" tom mounts on the bass drum; the 15" and 16" toms mount on a burly heavy duty stand. Features new black Remo heads on all drums and a new black Ludwig logo head on bass drum. The 16" tom has a few light scratches, otherwise this set is in near new condition, is very eye catching, takes up little space, and has huge tone! DKU002117 $1,250.00
  Ludwig Fire Engine Red Wrap Rocker Drum Set #2 - 16x24; 16x18; 13x14; 12x13. Stock 1989 model made in USA. Features black/white badges, Rocker/Standard lugs, modular mounts & tom pole, shiny natural maple shell interiors, black lacquer wood bass drum hoops. This one owner drumset has had light use, has thunderous tone (Bobby Blotzer played a very similar set in Ratt's early days), and is in outstanding condition. DKU006818 $2,000.00
  Ludwig Metallic Red Wrap Drum Set - 14x22, 16x18, 10x14, 9x13. This 70's blue/olive badge model features "granite" shell interiors with reinforcing rings, new Ludwig logo bass drum head, new Remo batter heads. The 13" & 14" toms are factory single head models. Chrome & shells are excellent, wrap is very, very good. DKU002608 $1,400.00
NEW! Ludwig Natural Lacquer Finish Maple Shell Drum Set #1 - 16x22; 16x16; 12x13; 11x12. This NEW Classic Maple drumset features large size Classic lugs, modular series tom mounting hardware, & rims style mounts on mounted 12" & 13" toms. NEW, NEW, NEW...SHINY, SHINY, SHINY!!! DKU002794 $2,495.00
  Ludwig Natural Lacquer Finish Maple Shell Drum Set #2 - 16x22; 16x16; 12x13; 11x12. This 1991 model features thin 5 ply maple shells, large size Classic lugs, modular mount, 4 "thick" slide in spurs on bass drum, new Remo heads. Bass drum has some light scratches on top, otherwise this great sounding drumset is in super clean near mint condition. DKU004547 $2,000.00
  Ludwig Stainless Steel Shell Drum Set - 14x22, 16x16, 10x14, 9x13. This 70's blue/olive badge model was ordered with factory single headed concert toms (floor tom is double headed). Stock except for great looking newer black chrome hoops on bass drum. Chrome is excellent and shells have only very minor scrapes and scratches. Overall this drum set looks and sounds great! DKU287 $2,000.00
NEW! Ludwig Stainless Steel Shell Limited Edition "Bonham" Drum Set - 14x26; 16x18; 16x16; 12x15; 6 1/2x14 Supraphonic snare. This first run "reissue" limited production drumset features blue/olive badges and is still in the original factory cartons. NEW! NEW! NEW! DKU006923 $7,500.00
  Ludwig White Marine Pearl Wrap Drum Set - 16x22, 16x16, 12x13, 11x12. Stock 1996 large gold badge model. Features thick maple shells with natural shell interiors, factory fold up spurs on bass drum; large size classic lugs on all drums, modular mounts & tom pole. Bass drum has two 1" cracks in wrap, otherwise this one owner drumset is in outstanding condition. DKU006594 $2,000.00
  Ludwig White Wrap Rocker Drum Set - 16x24; 16x16; 12x13; 11x12. Stock 1989 model made in USA. Features black/white badges, Rocker/Standard lugs, shiny natural maple shell interiors, modular mounts & tom pole, black lacquer wood bass drum hoops, black Ludwig logo bass drum head. Wrap has some light scuffs and scratches; chrome and shells are excellent. This drumset looks great and sounds huge!!! DKU007064 $1,600.00

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All prices are in U.S. Dollars. This list was correct and items available in stock at time of posting, of course all listings are subject to prior sale, since most items are one-of-a-kind and our inventory changes every day. We update our online listings frequently. See the   How To Order  page for our policies and everything you ever wanted to know about getting your musical needs fulfilled by Jammin' Jersey.



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